Mission Unstoppable

Sometime last week, I watched a youtube video from Sarah Jakes Roberts, the wife of Pastor Toure Roberts. Her sermon was derived from the topic “Service With A Mission”.This really spoke to my soul, and got my focus back on track.

When serving your purpose and working towards a goal, keeping in mind that you are on a mission is key. Humbling yourself, and keeping in mind that all though you are grinding everyday towards a specific end prize, the mission itself should always be the booster in your awareness and hard work.

Furthermore, sometimes when we are catering to others or even catering to our own needs, there should always be a highlight of purpose and reasoning behind it. Understanding why you are doing a certain task, as well as digesting what exactly you may reap from what you are sowing, will definitely keep you head strong and prepared for any downfalls or even blessings.

To sum up this subject of “Mission Unstoppable”, the word “Mission” defines: An important assignment carried out for political, religious, or commercial purposes, typically involving travel. On that note, we are all on this journey of life, most on different paths and heading into different destinations. We also usually as human beings put ourselves on certain missions that reflects our aim or target we aspire to thrive within. While on the other hand “Unstoppable” reflects: Impossible to stop or prevent. In other words, you will NEVER fail or fall short when working towards your dreams or goal when you understand the fundamental purpose of your strive towards your wantings or needs.

Staying Humble, Aware, and Focused are the essential qualities needed to perform a “Mission Unstoppable”!

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