Ivorians Daily routine

Maybe you are a Liberian who decided or who is already visiting Ivory Coast and you are a little curious about what they do or eat mostly. I was in Ivory Coast/Abidjan for three weeks , and I decided write an article on the Ivorian Daily Routine .

Ivory Coast is beautiful country for vacation and also nice place to have fun.
In the morning, most people either go to work or school.



Their main morning food is coffee and anything that is baked; it could be bread and butter, croissant, pain au chocolat and bread along with some condiments etc… In Ivory Coast, they are so many bakeries so food like bread cannot be missing. They are affordable.
Apart from that, they could also eat “Garba” (attieke with tuna fish) sleep over food like rice, and as for fruits, they love oranges.
If you come here, the easiest and cheaper breakfast is “café baoulé and pain godio” (hot water and sugar dissolve in it with fula bread.

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Schools and offices etc… can go for a pause. When they go for a pause, they can have lunch or especially the ladies can watch their everyday series. As for the students, they go home ,bath ,rest, eat and go back to school around 2pm.
Their lunch meals are:
– Rice and soup
– It’s either attieke with fish or chicken, meat etc…
– Alloco
– Tchep
– Placali with soup, foutou with soup or foufou with soup.

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In the afternoon

Ivorians are not like Liberians they love to rest (like a rap) for those who are home, they can eat alloco as “gouter” (a lil something to keep your mouth busy if you are home) you could also try bofloto or womi (beignet de mil) and baka.

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Abidjan by night

When students or workers have returned home, most students study, others prefer to chill same for the parents. As for chilling they love to drink wine, beers, eat and smoke chicha. If they are
eating, they would eat attieke, choukouya, poulet braisé, roast fish, ice creams etc……
and the day starts and continue his routine.
As you read in the resume Ivorians love food especially attieke, and they love chill.
Thanks for reading.

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By Gabriella Sarah Amoussou

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picture source: google